LFR’s Quotation of the Week: First Change Ourselves

“A writer expresses himself in words that have been used before because they give his meaning better than he can give it himself . . . .” —H.W. Fowler (Photo: Dennis Sparks)

One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment. Empowered leaders are the only ones who can induce real change.    —Robert Quinn

Leaders change first, as I pointed out in my January 11, 2010 essay (“Leading for Results Means Leaders First Change Themselves”). They adopt new beliefs, deepen their understanding of important subjects, initiate different behaviors, and acquire new habits of mind and behavior. That means that we begin the change process by looking inward rather than outward as we begin the change process.

Effective leaders place a high priority on their own learning, particularly learning that will further the school community’s most important goals. Such learning empowers because competency creates a sense of hopefulness about the future and generates energy to accomplish important work.

Our empowerments and the empowerment of the school community proceed hand in hand as our learning and change promotes learning and change throughout the school community and the school community’s progress toward important goals motivates our continuous learning.

Leading for Results “Six-Word Leadership Tool: Change yourself first; others will follow.

Develop a “six-word leadership tool” to summarize your learning or to express an action you will take as a result of this week’s posts. Please add your tool to the comment section of this blog and share it with one or more colleagues “back home.”

1 Response to “LFR’s Quotation of the Week: First Change Ourselves”

  1. 1 Carol January 14, 2010 at 9:58 am

    “Build it, and they will come”

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