LFR’s Quotation of the Week: The Power of Fundamental Choice

(Photo: Dennis Sparks)

Find out what you really care about and live a life that shows it.

—Kate Wolf

Leading for Results begins with intellectual clarity and emotional commitment to our “fundamental choices” (basic decisions that affect many other decisions) and purposes. Those purposes may be professional (as I illustrated in my previous post), personal, or overarching in ways that affect all aspects of our lives.

A fundamental choice I made a number of years ago was to have an A+ day every day, a choice of sufficient scope that it affects both my personal and professional lives. While the attributes of such a day, of course, vary from person to person, for me they include a sense of purposefulness and attachment to something larger than my self interest, having meaningful connection with others, creating new things, participating in tasks that engage both my head and heart, stretching myself through goal setting and learning, and having a sense of vitality, joy, and peacefulness throughout the day.

This fundamental choice affects virtually everything in my life, from diet and exercise through professional activities and social relationships to volunteer work and entertainment. While not every day is an A+, by intending my days to be of high quality I know that my life is deeper and richer than it would be otherwise.

Leading for Results “Six-Word Leadership Tool: Fundamental choices help fuel extraordinary lives.

Develop a “six-word leadership tool” to summarize your learning or to express an action you will take as a result of this week’s posts. Please add your tool to the comment section of this blog and share it with one or more colleagues “back home.”

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