Professional conversations of substance provide many benefits

(Photo: Dennis Sparks)

“[S]ubstantive conversation seemed to hold the key to happiness for two main reasons: both because human beings are driven to find and create meaning in their lives, and because we are social animals who want and need to connect with other people.” —Tara Parker-Pope

Substantive professional conversations among educators serve several important purposes. They can promote significant learning when participants in the conversation listened carefully to one another with open minds. They can help members of the school community know one another better, a critical ingredient in the formation of trusting relationships.

An additional benefit of substantive conversations is that they can increase the well-being of those who participate in them, as reported in a New York Times article. And when leaders are happier, they help create positive emotions throughout the school community.

Take a moment now to . . .

• consider what proportion of your daily conversations are about matters of substance, and

• note an opportunity to have one more such conversations today.

1 Response to “Professional conversations of substance provide many benefits”

  1. 1 Laurie March 31, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    This is something we all need to find time to do. I was just speaking with someone about the professional dialogues that are happening as a result of our School Improvement Plan process, and the learning that is occurring because time is built into the day for “conversations”.

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