Break big goals into small goals

Photo/Dennis Sparks

Your life begins to change when you change something you do every day.

Divide your dream into manageable parts. Get going. Don’t hope for inspiration.

—John Maxwell

Large goals can overwhelm school leaders who may not know where to start and how to maintain momentum over a period of many months and years. That’s why it’s important that leaders break large goals into small parts that can be addressed on a daily or weekly basis.

Dan Mulhern suggests the following process: “[C]reate two-week goals.  Take the big long-term goal that you have, and ask yourself this simple question: “What can I accomplish in two weeks that will lead me toward achievement of this big goal?”  I have found that two weeks is a long enough period that you can make real progress on a large project.  In a busy life, a week just may not be enough.  On the other hand, two weeks is a short enough period of time that you have to move; you can’t delay getting going if you want something to show for yourself.”

Take a moment now to . . .

• break a large goal into smaller parts that can be achieved in the next week or two. Consider what you might do today to contribute to the achievement of the goal.

1 Response to “Break big goals into small goals”

  1. 1 Carol April 22, 2010 at 11:06 am

    This is truly an inspiring blog for me, both personally and professionally…a LOT going on, and hard to focus on the overwhelming tasks ahead. Thank you for putting a fresh twist on “sanity solutions”!

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