The importance of intention in developing habits that serve us and others

Photo/Dennis Sparks

Leadership is to a large degree  a bundle of habits that affect how we think and act. Many habits operate without our conscious awareness, a kind of “default setting” that enables us to operate efficiently on automatic pilot in many situations. Some habits serve our purposes and those of the school community, while others are barriers to the achievement of important goals. Fortunately, even a relatively modest change in a well-chosen habit can produce a significant improvement in results. Changing habits begins with intention and continues as we repeat desired thoughts and behaviors until they become our new default settings.

Elisha Goldstein describes the importance and power of our intentions:

“Yes there is the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, when is the last time you gave more than cursory reflections on your intentions? Intentions are not meant to just be made on New Years or Birthdays. It’s important to re-mind ourselves of our intentions every day.”

To help you consider habits you may wish to develop, Henrik Edberg discusseseight small habits that make my life simpler, easier and more effective.” He also provides “9 tips that can help you to finally get rid of that bad habit once and for all.”

Take a moment now to . . .

• describe one or two “small habits” you would like to cultivate that would best serve you and/or the school community.

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