Cultivating gratitude for your own benefit and that of others

Because leaders emotions are contagious and infect others…

Because research in the area of positive psychology tells us that cultivating gratitude increases personal well-being…

Because addition research in positive psychology says that we are likely to be happier when our work and our lives serve important purposes that are larger than self interest…

Because other research indicates that leaders’ positive emotions have a uplifting effect on others in their organizations…

I encourage you to use this Thanksgiving Day in the United States to cultivate and savor the gratitude you feel for the important and morally compelling work those of us in education are privileged to do.

What’s on your mind?

• In what ways do you cultivate gratitude in yourself and others, particularly on days that are discouraging or filled with criticism of teachers and public education?

1 Response to “Cultivating gratitude for your own benefit and that of others”

  1. 1 Jamie November 22, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Yesterday I met a young woman who is filled with optimism as she completes her last year of study to become a Spanish teacher. So, I would say I have gratitude for the young people who continue to see education as a rewarding career. (Great to have your blog back, Dennis)

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