Advertising campaigns touting for-profit schools?

Dennis Sparks

A New York Times article reports that energy drink producers are making unwarranted claims about their expensive drinks.

“The drinks are now under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration after reports of deaths and serious injuries that may be linked to their high caffeine levels,” the article notes. “But however that review ends, one thing is clear, interviews with researchers and a review of scientific studies show: the energy drink industry is based on a brew of ingredients that, apart from caffeine, have little, if any benefit for consumers.

“’If you had a cup of coffee you are going to affect metabolism in the same way,’ said Dr. Robert W. Pettitt, an associate professor at Minnesota State University in Mankato, who has studied the drinks.

“Energy drink companies have promoted their products not as caffeine-fueled concoctions but as specially engineered blends that provide something more.”

Articles like this one make me wonder about the kinds of marketing claims that are or will be made by for-profit charter and online schools.

Given the propensity of marketers to use fear and sex to motivate consumers, not to mention the exaggerated claims described in this article, it’s not hard to imagine the advertising campaigns that are or will be used to persuade parents that such schools are in the best interest of their children.

Perhaps such distorted and inaccurate appeals already exist. If readers know of such campaigns, please share them here for others to see.


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