Leadership 180: Why leaders without integrity fail

Dennis Sparks

Only one thing is more toxic and destructive then a promise made and not kept: a pattern of promises made and not kept.  – Roland Barth

Leaders’ integrity is their most important leadership attribute. Leaders display integrity when they align their actions with their values, match their actions with their words, and keep their promises. Leaders’ integrity is also measured by their honesty in forthrightly expressing their views on important issues. Such integrity enables members of the school community to trust their leaders, which, in turn, affects the level of trust felt throughout the community.

Today I will carefully consider whether my words and actions match my values, whether I fulfill my promises, and/or whether I speak with candor on important subjects.

[This “meditation” is one of 180 (one for every day of the traditional school year) provided in Leadership 180: Daily Meditations on School Leadership. It is my most recent and I think best book, available as a Kindle book for $14.39, which is just 8 cents per day as a source of professional learning and encouragement in developing valuable new habits.]

2 Responses to “Leadership 180: Why leaders without integrity fail”

  1. 1 Deanne Moore June 4, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Thank you for the wonderful insight. I look forward to your comments in my inbox each day! I’ve also just ordered the book.

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