6 ways you know that you are challenged by the management responsibilities of leadership


Administrators and teachers are increasingly called upon to be skillful leaders as well as managers.

Managers make certain that the school or school system operates efficiently and effectively, that the organizational ship is, well, “ship shape.” Leaders, on the other hand, take the ship to a new and more desirable port of call.

While effective leaders are always effective managers, effective managers are not always effective leaders. And sometimes the lack of a leadership orientation creates management problems.

Here are six indicators that you may be challenged by the management aspects of leadership:

1. You have not invested in crafting a statement of the vision, values, and big ideas that will guide your work, or

2. You have taken the time to craft such a statement, but you’ve become bogged down in the details and have lost the sense of direction it provides.

3. You are constantly reacting to things rather than influencing them, which means you feel like you spend a great deal of time solving other peoples problems and “putting out fires.”

4. You seldom work from a to-do list because it just reminds you of all the things that are not getting done.

5. You spend too much time in unproductive meetings.

6. You find yourself counting activities to demonstrate the value or your work rather than identifying meaningful evidence of accomplishment.

In what ways do you ensure that you leadership is founded on sound management practices?

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