Why creating positive energy must be a leadership priority


Each week this summer I’m introducing a blog theme that connects popular and important posts from recent years. Each theme offers a number of perspectives on a perennial challenge of school leadership.

This week’s topic is “creating positive energy.”

The questions that I am most frequently asked when I work with educators concern leaders’ role in creating and sustaining positive energy to achieve stretching goals. Most educators know what doesn’t work—mandates and close monitoring of behavior and outcomes to determine compliance. But what does?

I encourage you to scroll through articles in this thread to find answers to that question.

In addition, I encourage you to take a closer look at these essays:

“How SUCCESS can increase your influence”

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“Resetting the school community’s default settings”



2 Responses to “Why creating positive energy must be a leadership priority”

  1. 1 Kent Peterson August 28, 2013 at 10:31 am

    As the school year is about to begin, it is good to be reminded of “positive energy.” As Sparks says, the leader needs to provide this energy, but everyone should as well. When Terrence Deal and I wrote “Shaping School Culture” we visited schools that actually had “negative energy” and were toxic.Sometime leaders as well as teachers reinforced negative views.
    Positive energy can build a culture that survives through hard time and energizes everyone.

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