How routines can add value to educators’ days

Dennis Sparks

[I]t’s our routine (or lack thereof), our capacity to work proactively rather than reactively, and our ability to systematically optimize our work habits overtime that determine our ability to make ideas happen. –Scott Belsky in Manage Your Life

I agree with Scott Belsky… Life is richer and I am more productive because of a small number of daily routines.

I know, for instance, that the morning hours are best for writing, so I preserve some early-morning time each day for that purpose, including weekends.

Likewise, exercise finds an unfailing place in my daily routine.

I have learned the daily repetition—even for just a few minutes a day—makes it easier to maintain momentum and to achieve important goals.

Useful daily or weekly routines for educators might include:

• Reviewing calendars and activities for the day ahead, giving special attention to preparation for special meetings and events;

• Writing newsletters or blog posts;

• Scanning professional literature;

• Exercise and/or stress-management techniques like yoga or meditation; and

• Periods of solitude to reflect and to find inspiration and guidance.

Because administrators’ and teachers’ days are often unpredictable, it is essential that educators be proactive in establishing and maintaing valued routines.

What routines enable you to be more creative, productive, and healthy? How do you maintain the momentum of those activities over time?

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