Why it’s essential for principals to engage with their peers in team-based learning


Dennis SparksPrincipals need opportunities to collaborate with their peers in the type of learning they will use to lead their schools toward increased student achievement. —Hayes Mizell

When leaders engage in team-based professional learning with other leaders as a means of continuous improvement they develop an understanding that can only be acquired through direct experience of why teamwork is critically important for teachers in their schools.

Leaders who pursue with their colleagues stretching, worthy goals that cannot be achieved through independent action truly appreciate the power of professional communities to alter beliefs, deepen understanding, and change daily practice. In addition, leaders acquire knowledge and skills that help them solve significant problems.

Today I will identify one or more colleagues to join me in a project that will require new learning on our parts for its successful completion. The project might be as limited as designing an agenda for a faculty meeting whose primary purpose is to create productive discussion among teachers about an important school wide issue or as complex as creating meaningful professional learning communities in the school that effect every teacher and benefit all students.

[This “meditation” is one of 180 (one for every day of the traditional school year) provided in Leadership 180: Daily Meditations on School Leadership. It is my most recent and I think best book, available as a Kindle book for $14.39, which is just 8 cents per day as a source of professional learning and encouragement in developing valuable new habits.]


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