Leaders write to learn

Dennis Sparks I thought of how often as a writer I had made clear to myself some subject I had previously known nothing about by just putting one sentence after another—by reasoning my way in sequential steps to its meaning. I thought of how often the act of writing even the simplest document—a letter for instance—has clarified my half-formed ideas. Writing and thinking and learning were the same process. —William Zinsser

Writing is a potent and underused learning tool that provides a method for leaders to acquire a deeper understanding of important subjects and to give shape to their ideas.

Because writing is “frozen thought,” it enables leaders to examine the clarity and logical consistency of their thinking and reveals areas for further exploration and learning.

Writing can also help busy leaders separate the essential from the nonessential.

Today I will use writing to teach myself about a subject of importance and to clarify the next actions I may take related to that subject.

[This “meditation” is one of 180 (one for every day of the traditional school year) provided in Leadership 180: Daily Meditations on School Leadership, my most recent book, published by Solution Tree.]


2 Responses to “Leaders write to learn”

  1. 1 Jamie May 13, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Congratulations on the book, Dennis! I look forward to checking it out and wish you much success.

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